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There is something pure about ice cream that should not be messed around with – which is why we encourage the use of organic cream in all ice cream products.

In its simplest form then ice cream is just three components – cream, sugar and flavour – and if the flavour is a single ingredient then that means three ingredients – so isn’t it a shame when chemicals get added unnecessarily?

Take this recipe for organic strawberry ice cream:

organic strawberry ice cream

organic strawberry ice cream


Take the three ingredients (strawberries, cream and sugar) place them in a bowl and freeze….. that is it! So why would anyone want to add unnecessary chemical flavours to that? Why would anyone want to pollute the cream by feeding it anything other than simple grass?

We have of course simplified the process (but not the ingredients) a little bit …

How to make Creamy Ice Cream

The secret to making smooth creamy ice cream at home is in the churning. To explain why we need t understand a bit of the science behind freezing and what actually happens when liquid cream turns into a solid. Science of making ice cream is a passion of ours so we find inspiration in the details. This is not quite molecular gastronomy but is still a little bit of cooking for geeks!

What is cream?

Cream comes from cows (as you probably know) it is part of the milk, so what is milk? Milk contains two parts one is aqueous and the other fat based – the diet, age, lifestyle and breed of the cow dictate the proportions of the components. The fatty parts are referred to as butterfats – these ae normally in an emulsion with the water based parts – they do however separate if left to stand – the cream will rise to the top! Different grades of cream contain different percentages of butter fat – from 55% in solid, clotted cream to 15% in thin single cream. So even in the creamiest cream there is still almost 50% water. This is an essential part of cream (and ice cream) but is your enemy when you are trying to freeze the cream.

Keep it moving!

What do you get when you freeze water? Ice of course! Ice is hard and tasteless even sharp and painful. That is the exact opposite of quality, smooth organic ice cream.  The secret to keeping lumps of ice out of ice cream as it freezes is to keep it moving as it freezes. This is a bit more of the gastro science … when a liquid turns into a slid that is because the molecules are forming together into organised structures called crystals – ice is a crystal of water. The job  of the ice cream maker is to not give a chance for the water crystals to form – this is done by generally annoying them – every time two water molecules join together they need to be physically separated. So the more you stir the smaller the ice crystals will be and the smoother and creamier the ice cream.





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